Leavell College Degrees

Bachelor of Arts

The foundational degree at Leavell College is a Bachelor of Arts (BA). Leavell College offers the following BA degrees: Biblical Studies, Christian Studies, Church Ministry, Intercultural Studies, Ministry to Women, Music, Psychology and Counseling, Teaching and Learning, Theology, Worldview and Apologetics, and Worship Ministry. All BA degrees with the exception of the BAs in Christian Studies or Music can be utilized for the BA + MDiv track.

Each BA degree requires 120 credit hours to complete. 60 hours are core classes that every student is required to take, including 30 hours of general education and 30 hours of Christian foundations. Each student selects a major, most of which consists of 30 hours of major-specific courses, 15 hours of minor-specific courses, and 15 hours of free electives. The BA in Christian Studies consists of 48 hours of major-specific courses and 12 hours of free electives. The BA in Music consists of 54 hours of major-specific courses and 6 hours of free electives. Students who complete the BA may participate in accelerated programs at NOBTS.


  • Biblical Studies
  • Christian Studies
  • Church Ministry
  • Intercultural Studies
  • Ministry to Women
  • Music
  • Psychology and Counseling
  • Teaching and Learning
  • Theology
  • Worldview and Apologetics
  • Worship Ministry

Associate of Arts 

The Associate of Arts (AA) is a 60 credit hour degree.  A student may choose to take this degree in order to receive a basic level of education based upon the BA core or to complete an intermediate degree which will allow one to continue working toward a bachelor's degree. The AA consists of 51 hours of general education and Christian foundations as well as 9 hours of free electives. 

Certificate in Christian Ministry 18 hours

The Certificate in Christian Ministry is designed to give a foundation of ministry training for a wide variety of callings. All three certificates are composed of classes that are also in the Associates and Bachelors degrees, so students completing the certificate can continue their studies without losing hours.

Diploma in Christian Ministry (English Language Track) 48 hours

Diploma in Christian Ministry (Language Track) 48 hours

  • Christian Studies Foundation: 30 hours
  • English Language Requirements: 12 hours
  • Free Electives: 6 hours
  • Only Available in South Florida